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Edward Hall Classic Mercedes is a business that grew from a hobby – a love and fascination with Mercedes-Benz cars from the seventies to the early nineties. Mercedes of the era that not only resonate with us in terms of nostalgia, but also represent the high water mark of Mercedes quality and engineering, combined with a modern day usability that belies their age.

As a business we buy, sell, maintain and repair classic Mercedes-Benz. Whether you require a service on your Mercedes, restoration work, or you’re looking to buy a classic Mercedes-Benz, we can help. Similarly, if you wish to sell a classic Mercedes, we are always looking for cars to purchase, or we can sell on your behalf.

We drive old Mercedes every day. And as enthusiasts first and foremost we treat people how we would wish to be treated, only sell cars that we would be proud to own ourselves and when we repair our customers’ cars we take time and pride in our work. We’re always keen to chat about classic Mercedes so please call us to see if we can help you in any way.


Style, quality, glamour and engineering depth are attributes that associated with classic Mercedes. These attractions hold true today, just as they did when the cars were new.
Mercedes-Benz cars of this period are something of a paradox. They combine deep-rooted traditionalism, even conservatism, in their design, ethos and build, with state of the art, in many cases avant-garde engineering and technology.

Their saloon, coupé and roadster models were always a considered evolution of the previous generation, from the post-war period onwards. Revolution was never in the air; the prominent chrome radiator grill that could trace its aesthetic routes back to the twenties, and three-pointed star always remained, as did the obsession with quality. Never slaves to the latest trend or fashion, yet always remaining the height of style and fashion. Mercedes believed in long product cycles of the right cars (each model usually saw ten years in production) rather than a proliferating the marketplace with hastily thought up models to satisfy the whims of the now.

On the other hand Mercedes-Benz could never be accused of standing by and letting the march of progress pass them by. Fuel injection and air suspension were mastered even in the sixties. By the seventies airbags, ABS were in production and by the late eighties to early nineties technological masterpieces such as the R129 and W140 models represented leaps into the future with active roll-over bars, active damping, double-glazing and so on.
What was consistent throughout this golden era was an adherence to the highest standards of quality. These are cars of a quality and engineering thoroughness that simply cannot be bought today.

Daily Driver?

While some owners use their cars for high days and holidays, and for others the cars form part of a collection, a good proportion drive classic Mercedes every day.
Unlike the majority of other cars approaching their thirtieth birthday, the inherent robustness, reliability and superb parts supply of classic Mercedes make them a real alternative to a ‘modern’ car but with the distinctive style, character and fun of owning a classic.
In addition we feel there are the environmental benefits to owning a long-lasting non-disposable car, especially when you consider the energy required to produce all the new cars society consumes. Essentially you’re recycling a machine of quality rather than contributing further to a throwaway society.

The cars we sell

Our aim is to sell the best examples of Mercedes-Benz cars from the seventies to the nineties. We constantly search for the right candidates. Inevitably most of our stock is UK-supplied, but we do find cars in Japan and Europe too.

We go through our cars in house to correct any faults, perform any restoration work required and ensure they drive as they should.
Every car we sell will also have been subject to a full service (unless we can prove one has been performed very recently) giving our customers peace of mind for the future.

As Mercedes enthusiasts and owners ourselves, we want to ensure that you’re completely happy with your car and we hope we can look after it for you in the future.

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